Out of Propotion
Pick me up!  
Flora Lechner

28.01.22 – 25.03.22


Out of Proportion- Pick me up!

von Flora Lechner
mit Beiträgen von Norma Kiskan, Miguel Guevara Parra und Lukas Matuschek

„I’ve been asked to come inside here, there’s this thing that I have to find. I should grab it quickly and hand it to my peers waiting outside, but it’s so nice in here. I'd gladly extend my search to enjoy the warmth, the intimacy that encloses everything in this dark pocket. Checking for this thing, I begin to crawl around, very fast at first. Soon after: very slowly, feeling my way through the lethargic clutter. For they’ll have no option but to wait for me, I reconsider.“




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